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We employ a group of high qualified and experienced employees, who will help to select optimum solutions and materials for your design. We perform all standard works, both inside and out. We also put tiles and treats floor and wall and we assemble kitchen! This for private landlords, housing associations, businesses. Whether its small or large projects we can help you! Maler Kamil Majkowski invites you to take part in the consultations with our experts where you will have an opportunity to explain all unclear matters connected with planned works. Customer should feel sure of getting the job professionally done. We will always strive for maximum customer satisfaction. We choose only the best and has agreements with several suppliers. We show up at the agreed time and with the necessary tools. We are strongly linked to the jobs that we do and sometimes we do a follow-up afterwards.

Exterior painting

Only painstaking and professional, based on knowledge and experience, recognition of the type of substrate to paint, can effectively carry out work on painting the façade. Our company ensures durability, resistance, perfect performance and great appearence of your facade for many years.

Interior painting

The final result of the painting work depends on the materials used, but primarily on the renovation company that you trust. By entrusting us to perform painting works, satisfaction and long-term durability is guaranteed. We will help you in choosing the paint and protect the furniture from dirt.

Preparing houses for sale

For finishing works in the apartment an experienced craftsman should be hired, who alongside his manual skills and aesthetic sense will have both professional tools and competent expertise.


Do you have an extensive construction project you want done? Then you need a skilled entrepreneur! Save both time and money in the search for the right contractor for your project!


Tiling is one of the basic renovation and construction services performed both in private and in offices. We will help you to design an attractive and functional project. We guarantee quality to the smallest detail.


Our offer includes holiday homes, car porches and garden gazebos. We also offer wooden furniture, wooden playgrounds and many other products. You can also entrust us with the implementation of your own project.

Kan bare gjenta hva mange andre påpeker her: Kamil og teamet hans gjorde en fantastisk jobb. De har jobbet svært effektivt, kvaliteten på arbeidet er upåklagelig, og Kamil er super serviceinnstilt. Bruker de helt klart igjen.

E. Vinge

God dialog, god pris, godt utført arbeid. Resultatet er vi veldig fornøyde med. Var flinke til å rydde opp etter seg. Spurte underveis når noe var uklart. Fikset småting underveis for å lage bedre resultat. Anbefales sterkt.

A. Skoe

Flott utført jobb til avtalt tid og pris. Skal du beise/male hus kan du trygt sette dette bort til Pro Maler.


Godt utført oppdrag med maling av murhus. God oppfølging av Kamil, påpekte mangler rettet opp uten spørsmål. Servicevennlig innstilling.

Bent M.

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